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2024 HOST
Thee D. L. Marshall


2024 THEME: Can't Stop, Won't Stop


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The Re-UP Experience is an annual nationwide award show created to recognize and honor excellence among individuals, organizations, and creatives for their efforts to serve their communities through their gifts, talents, and services. As an extension of the Community Service and Leadership Academy, it is the mission of the Re-UP Experience to further the efforts of the academy in ensuring the well-being of communities in need and making sure that service and leadership remain the driving force behind creating a culture of unity.

The Community Service and Leadership Academy (CSLA) is a division of its umbrella company, BounceBackology LLC. The CSLA's mission is to help cultivate, empower, equip, and honor excellence among individuals, organizations, and creatives who serve their communities through their gifts, talents, and services. The academy was  formed by 10 powerhouse women across the nation that have dedicated their lives to empowering, encouraging, supporting, inspiring, mentoring, and serving their communities for a combined 40+ years. Their personal experiences have become the driving force behind winning in life and business. The academy offers a number of support services, resources, and opportunities to its members that aid in helping them continue their work, expand their reach, and grow their platform. Members are able to join as an individual or as an organization and are granted voting rights each year in addition to the other membership perks.


The experience has five core areas, Release, Recoup, Remind, Re-mix, and Repeat. It is designed for people to come together to not only rejuvenate mentally, emotionally, and socially, through a fun interactive experience and celebration, but to also address real, raw issues that negatively impact our families, friends, and know...those taboo things, and offers the opportunity to learn from the experiences of others. The event features a brunch, interactive activities, mixer, Live performances, an award show, Black-carpet, All-White Afterparty, and more.  A portion of the proceeds (10%) go towards the nonprofit chosen to win the Nonprofit Re-UP of the Year Award. 

Each year, attendees are able to participate in a myriad of activities and obtain practical tools to help expand endeavors in their everyday lives, organizations, and communities. We all need a break sometimes and need to get recharged to continue this journey called life and be recognized for the work we do so we know our efforts and service are not in vain, and that it is appreciated.


 Every year there is a focus on a theme to highlight those nominated and being honored around the nation and to empower those who attend.

 Re-UP to Stay Up! This is an experience you do not want to miss! Consider becoming a member of the CSLA today.



Engage in interactive power discussions that allow you to release your thoughts, wisdom, frustrations, and more, about real-life issues that negatively impact our thoughts, emotions, homes, families, and communities.



Now take your recharged self back out into life, turn that resilience up a notch, and then repeat. We'll see you next time!



Receive that push needed to activate that 'Get Back Up' in you, strength, and confidence to keep going no matter what.



Let's rewind your life's reel in order to remind you about how far you've come, the power and resilience you possess, why giving up is never an option, and who the hell you are...A Force To Be Reckoned With!



Now it's time to relax, unwind, and celebrate like it's 1999! Why? Because you freaking deserve it! Re-mix it up with your Re-UP crew at the after-party and other events

Experience Team

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